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Say goodbye to generic programmes and hello to personalised diet, health and fitness app, powered by your DNA. DNApal aims to combine DNA information with other factors like age, weight, diet, family history and health goals to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

  • Global DNA diagnostics market expected to be worth $19bn by 2020 with10.2% annual growth
  • We can interpret data from two of the biggest players in the market
  • Won best pitch at VentureFest 2019 at Oxford Brookes University
  • Aiming to launch MVP January 2020 (iOS)


We believe diet, health & fitness programmes often fail because they ignore the fact that we are all unique. They lack the one thing that has the potential to radically improve health, performance, wellbeing & longevity - DNA information.

In 2014 the global DNA diagnostics market was estimated to be worth $19bn, & to reach over 20m people by 2020 - it has surpassed this prediction.

Two of the largest consumer DNA companies, 23andMe &, have tested over 18m people. DNApal is capable of interpreting DNA results from these companies when entered by, & at the users discretion, allowing access to our information, recommendations & advice. We also offer our own proprietary DNA tests.

Combining DNA with personal data collected via the app, we plan to give precise recommendations on how to improve diet, weight loss, sleep, hormone balance, fitness & more. We are also aiming to recommend further testing & specific supplements where necessary & offer 1:1 consultations with a specialist. The information, recommendations & advice provided to users will be based on published research & our clinical experience.

We have self-funded the development to date & plan to start beta testing soon with the aim to launch our first MVP on iOS by January 2020.

We are looking for investment to help develop the full scope of the app, content & weekly goals & challenges to keep users committed.

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To see the rest of the DNApal pitch, join now.
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