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Common Objective
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CO is a global B2B sourcing and information platform that rewards sustainable business through higher search rankings. Aiming to disrupt the $2trillion fashion industry, CO is already used by 23k+ fashion professionals who work at leading brands and 1000's of SME’s, from over 150 countries.

  • 23k+ fashion industry members, 150% member growth in 2019
  • 10x annual growth in monthly content page views to 100k in Nov 2019
  • Catering for $2tr fashion industry, involving 1 in 8 people globally
  • Team with 100+ yrs experience in fashion, tech & sustainable business
Information The company raised £315,000 investment from 6 existing investors before the campaign went live, which has been reflected on the platform as part of this raise. Some of these funds have already been received by the company and may be spent while the campaign is live.


“Sustainability is now mission critical for businesses” World Economic Forum, 2018

“90% of executives now see sustainability as important" (MIT). Their challenge - how to integrate sustainability, without compromising commercial goals and targets. This dilemma is especially acute in the fashion sector, one of the world’s most polluting industries. Thousands of professionals want to operate differently - but don’t know-how.

Common Objective (CO) is the pioneering tech solution for successful, sustainable business in the fashion industry.

CO's online platform uses personalisation and matching technology to connect buyers and suppliers, and provide them with targeted content and tools supporting best practice. Our technology turns sustainability into an opportunity - rewarding more sustainable businesses with higher search rankings.

Fashion is a huge, influential market, worth $2 trillion in annual sales, involving 1 in 8 people in the world. Launched in May 2018, CO has grown to reach 23,000+ fashion industry members across 150+ countries. The site is used by individuals and teams who work at world-leading brands, alongside thousands of SME’s, and backed by industry leaders including Roland Mouret, PDS Multinational, and Plexus Cotton.

Our aim is to become the global go-to platform for sustainable business. Fashion is just the beginning.

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Common Objective

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