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Cocoro is seeking to revolutionise the Spanish market with its technical and sustainable knickers, able to absorb period flow, vaginal discharge and urine leaks. We are on a mission to expand internationally and we hope to reach 750k women by 2023 by achieving 14x growth.

  • Seal of Excellence from the European Commission for innovative project
  • Broad target market: 228 M women aged 15-55 in Europe and the USA
  • Menstrual underwear sector predicts global sales of €469M by 2025
  • Previous crowdfunding campaign, raising €169,000 from 3,433 sponsors


Cocoro was designed in Barcelona in 2016, whilst we were running the cooperative Femmefleur.

Our mission was to provide a feminine, technical and eco-friendly solution to a need that arises for 4-7 days each month for 40 years in more than half the global population. There is a need for a comfortable and sustainable menstrual product, which offers a genuine alternative to sanitary pads.

Due to the initial traction with regards to this brand, we decided to set Cocoro up as a new venture and incorporated the company in May 2019. Cocoro is now our primary focus.

To meet growing demand, we created a range of period knickers designed with advanced technology, able to absorb period flow, vaginal discharge and light urine leaks. Cocoro knickers are comfortable, breathable, anti-allergy, odourless and washable. We are seeking to capture a large share of the European market, with only a few direct competitors across Europe & the USA. We plan to capitalise on this sector, which has a CAGR of 28.2% 2019-2025.

We have acquired a strong following in a short time through a 100% user-centric Business Model, primarily by targeting customers via online channels.

We are now looking to expand internationally to be able to develop new multifunctional fabrics with improved performance, allowing us to target new markets, such as urinary or faecal incontinence.

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