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Chip is on a mission to build the best savings account in the world. Over the last year it has doubled growth to 153,000 accounts, processed £130m of savings and welcomed management executives from Monzo, Funding Circle & Purple Bricks. Chip is now scaling with market-leading returns on ChipX.

  • 153,000 accounts, processed £130m of savings.
  • ChipX returns-platform waiting list of 50,000 people.
  • Winner British Bank Award, World Banking Award & 2 Crowdcube awards.
  • Existing investor community of over 8,000 people


In times of uncertainty, people need to save. Chip's growth has proved that, doubling the user base since their last fundraise in 2018.

Chip connects to your current account, saves automatically and provides the best possible return. The average UK adult saves only 1.7% of their income, earns less than 1% on savings, but spends 3.54% of income paying interest on overdrafts, credit cards, and loans.

Since launch in 2017, Chip has grown rapidly to 153,000 users, processed over £130m in saves and offered market-leading interest rates.

Following their last funding round (previously Crowdcube's most popular investment of all time by number of investors), together with their investor community they've rolled out a new version of the app, doubled the user base, quadrupled the team and have 50,000 people in the queue for their returns platform ChipX.

ChipX will offer a marketplace of “returns” products that aims to revolutionise how people manage savings. This includes products designed to get you up to 9.6% returns at differing risk levels. The marketplace will include bonds, P2P products… with Chip’s very own CommunityLending at the heart. Users can access this marketplace for a subscription fee.

Funding is required to double the team and expand ChipX in the €10 trillion European savings market and beyond. Chip has proved demand and strong growth. Now it’s time to scale.

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