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Love Cheesecakes
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Founded in 2011, Love Cheesecakes designs, manufactures and sells individual fresh cheesecakes to both consumers and businesses. With over 100 flavours on offer, the company sold over 42,000 cheesecakes last year and is now set to expand across the North West and beyond.

  • Founded by a veteran business analyst supported by key consultants
  • The business currently has a 75% gross margin through retail sales
  • 42,000 cheesecakes sold last year, mainly at food festivals
  • Initially plan to expand to open 3 retail units across the north west
Information In response to investor discussions, Love Cheesecakes have reduced the investment required for A shares from £2,500 to £2,000


Love Cheesecakes is looking to create a dessert experience; fresh cheesecakes served over the counter, ordered online or enjoyed with a sit down meal.

Our cheesecakes are individual sized and customers have a wide choice of flavours that will be offered in both the chilled and frozen dessert market.

We’ve been testing the product now for 5 years by launching new flavours at food festivals and asking for feedback. If the product performs well over 3 events we add the product to our website for e-commerce sales.

Businesses/consumers can reduce risk, storage space and wastage as we deliver fresh cheesecakes which then can be frozen for a later date. Our research suggests that competitors cheesecakes are delivered frozen as they are larger.

The company was designed and created in a recession and has been trading for over 4 1/2 years now. It's a tried and tested product which offers our B2B customers a fresh quality product, reducing waste as they order what they need (not in quantities of 12 or 14 that large frozen cheesecakes offer).

We now want to scale up, create 3 retail units across the North West (almost the same as Millie's Cookies footprint which has 8 stores in the area with a focus on shopping centres), and undertake a marketing campaign. We are now a retail ready product and in discussions with supermarkets.

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Love Cheesecakes

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