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CCell is on a mission to protect beaches from erosion by using 100% renewable energy to grow beautiful artificial reefs far faster than in nature. With its globally patented wave energy technology, CCell is ready to regenerate reefs, promote tourism and transform the coastal protection industry.

  • R&D backed by £2m+ in non-equity funding, mostly from UK & EU governments
  • Technology patented in the UK, EU, US, NZ, Aus, China and Japan
  • Relationships established with hotels and local governments in Mexico
  • Planning to install up to 200m of reef with one of Mexico’s largest government dept.


Coral reefs are great natural barriers, reducing wave impact by up to 97%, and are vital ecosystems that are rapidly vanishing due to climate change. 80% of reefs in the Caribbean have died and globally 99% could have died by 2040.

Globally c.200m people and $173bn of built capital rely on coral reefs for protection. Without reefs, coastal communities are vulnerable to flooding, loss of land and damage to buildings & infrastructure. Quintana Roo recently spent ~£7.7M/mile adding sand to beaches, with 6-8% washed away within 1 year.

Reefs provide long-term protection, boost marine ecosystems and create dive sites. Our reefs build on and scale-up an established method, using an electrified steel structure to grow limestone rock. Our electronics and patented wave energy system optimise growth with a low carbon footprint. They’re cheaper than traditional coastal defences, grow faster than in nature and are more resilient

We began R&D in 2013 and will first target hotels in Caribbean tourist hotspots, initially Mexico, who are spending millions on temporary solutions.

Our analysis of wave conditions shows that CCell is viable in 80% of the 240+ beach hotels in Quintana Roo, Mexico - by our calculations, a £45m addressable market. Globally, we estimate a £50bn market.

With funding we plan to deploy up to 200m of reef, continue development and secure early adopters.

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