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Candidate.ID® makes recruitment much faster. Its talent pipeline SaaS solution has produced 50% more hires per recruiter for existing customers such as Specsavers. The company is raising now to supercharge their AI programme and growth.

  • Existing Fortune 500 customer base
  • Recruitment tech start up winners in Amsterdam & San Francisco
  • New version of product complete in July, increasing revenue opps
  • Monthly recurring revenue up 48% since Jun 18


Candidate.ID® is talent pipeline automation software which monitors candidates’ interactions with employers’ online content so HR teams can filter candidates by their level of current interest.

Using Candidate.ID, international optometry retailer Specsavers has been able to achieve 50% more hires per recruiter.

In October, we won the recruitment tech start-up competition at Unleash, the world's biggest HR event, in Amsterdam. In March 2019, we won the same title at the prestigious Hiring Success event in San Francisco.

Candidate.ID is a SaaS product with 2018 software and services group revenue of £903k and EBITDA of £21k. We have 20 customers including 6 Fortune 500 employers such as IBM, IQVIA and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The remaining 494 are in our sights.

According to Deloitte partner Josh Bersin the HR tech market is worth an est. $400 billion. We believe that our target market could include c10,000 global enterprises.

Version 3 of the product will be launched in July 2019 which will open up numerous revenue growth opportunities.

We are undertaking this crowdfunding to allow people in our industry to get involved in our business because, as co-owners, we will benefit from your ideas. We will use the funds to kick-start AI programmes which will make our product progressively easier to use and continuously increase our addressable market.

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