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Cadello is a new, category-defining spirit produced by a 150 year-old family-owned distillery in Italy. A unique flavour boasting 8 ingredients ‒ perfect neat or in cocktails. Distributors are already in place in the UK and Italian markets. Funds will support our continued, fast-paced growth.

  • Team includes ex P.E., Honest Grapes, Pegasus Spirits, Blakes Hotel
  • Growing our number of distributors across the UK and Italy
  • Partnerships with independent sales teams and marketers
  • In high-end venues across London and an audience of 2000+ mixologists


Cadello is a new, unique spirit inspired by the question:

“What spirit would wealthy 18th century Venetians have served at their lavish masked balls?”

We spent 3 years working with Distilleria Pisoni, a 150 year-old family-owned distillery in Italy, to develop Cadello’s unique flavour profile.

8 natural ingredients from Italy and places along the old Silk Road are infused, distilled, blended and aged in French oak barrels (with coffee beans inside) until the right depth, complexity and smoothness is achieved.

The long, 60-second finish takes you on a journey, unveiling flavours of coffee, chocolate, star anise, mint and vanilla, with hints of caramel and hazelnut.

In the first 2-3 years, we are initially targeting the UK (€6.7bn) and Italy (€1.2bn) before expanding to France, the US and China.

Following a test launch in Switzerland in Jan '18, we have:

- Launched in the UK (Sept '18)

- Engaged Pegasus Spirits as UK importer, brand manager and independent sales rep

- Partnered with Honest Grapes

- Working with distributors in Italy and the UK

- Hired UK and Italian Brand Ambassadors

Funds will be used to support our continued fast-paced growth by allowing further investment in our sales and marketing through: PR (editorial and events), social media & advertising, tradeshows & tasting events, bartender competitions and Brand Ambassadors.

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