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An industry-leading online marketplace selling incredibly long-lasting & sustainable products. Founded by author and former blue-chip marketer, Tara Button, BuyMeOnce is well positioned to meet demand as conscious consumerism goes mainstream.

  • 2018 Tripled revenue and doubled value of goods sold to £206,000
  • Over 3m visitors, 60,000 followers (highest in the market)
  • Extensive global press coverage inc. The Times, Vogue, NYT and Fast Co
  • Celebrity endorsements, including Caitlin Moran & Ashton Kutcher
Information BuyMeOnce has raised £50,000 prior to launching their campaign on Crowdcube which is represented on the progress bar for clarity. This investment is on the same terms as offered to Crowdcube investors. £25,000 will be spent during the course of the campaign


BuyMeOnce is throwing away our throwaway culture.

We are a unique mix of web-shop and review site, using our criteria of: Best Materials, Craftsmanship, Aftercare, Independent Reviews and Ethics to find and approve 2,000 products to date. Crucially brands can't pay to be on BuyMeOnce and our model enables us to be unbiased in a way that retailers like Amazon can’t be.

Our CEO, Tara Button, disillusioned after years working in advertising, had the idea for BuyMeOnce when given the gift of a Le Creuset pot, the ultimate heirloom. The idea went viral. Tara's next 3 years were spent building a movement and developing relationships with brands focused on providing the most sustainable and longest-lasting products in the world.

Increasing the lifespans of products is a vital part of the circular economy and one of the most overlooked ways to reduce waste, pollution and CO2 emissions. BuyMeOnce is on a mission to prove that there are no excuses for big companies pushing a throwaway culture. We have built a successful, highly regarded, growing company by championing the exact opposite.

Conscious consumerism is about to go mainstream and as a one-stop-shop for eco products, we have a huge opportunity to meet this need.

By investing you'll help BuyMeOnce lead the way to change throwaway consumerism for good!

Revenue to March 2019 was £107,082 (EBITDA -£248,433)

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