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butterwire's AI web app launched in June 2018. It's a professional research and portfolio analyst platform that can be used by all active equity investors aiming to generate higher returns, with faster stock selection, lower portfolio risk, longer investment horizons, and less trading.

  • Aiming to change the nature of Investor-Machine Interaction
  • Supports truly active investors end-2-end
  • Built by and for pros but accessible to individual investors
  • Time-saver for pros, Empowerment for non-pros, Edge for both!


We're addressing a large global market of investors (> 1 million in the UK) who crave a truly empowering, financially rewarding, intuitive, no-nonsense, low cost investment innovation -- not an app that encourages blind speculation by either dumbing things down or snowing you under useless data.

Active funds can be expensive and most of them barely manage to match an index tracker. Index trackers are a bet that markets will keep going up forever. With butterwire you can build and manage a truly active, concentrated portfolios of individual regional or global stocks, with no fees attached and a better return/risk outlook.

Our web app assists active investors with their top 3 challenges: find opportunities (stocks that offer high upside potential for the risk taken), minimise risk (prevent large synchronised losses thanks to risk diversification and mitigation), keep aware (of when to reduce exposure to a holding or the market as a whole).

Our brand of AI is different: you are in control, the machine's role is to distil insights, to take on the heavy data lifting, to nudge (not prescribe), to arouse key questions (not chew out answers), so you are in the best position to make the important calls, win big when proven right and avoid losing big when proven wrong.

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To see the rest of the butterwire pitch, join now.
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