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BrewBroker’s SaaS platform aims to revolutionise the beer industry, making it easier to buy, sell & source anything in beer. Retail tenders, whitelabel contracts, brewing capacity & more can be sourced or sold in clicks. Approximately ¼ of the UK’s breweries have registered & the company plans to scale even more.

  • Deals completed across the UK, US, Europe and Australia
  • Approximately a quarter of the UK's breweries are members
  • Aiming to launch version 2.0 before the end of Q1, to expand our offering 
  • Coming with version 2.0: richly qualified leads through Intelligent DealFlow


When founders Toby and Dan wanted to launch a new beer brand, they couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a suitable brewery with capacity. BrewBroker was born, aiming to eliminate fragmentation across the beer industry, from production to end sale. Our Intelligent DealFlow uses algorithms to match demand with supply, instantly.

In July 2018 we launched our beta, which helped brewers trade capacity; a practice known as ‘contract-brewing’. Within 18 months, a quarter of the UK’s brewers became members. 750 signed up and completed 373 tenders on the platform.

Now in 2020, we are launching Version 2.0 of the platform to serve the entire industry from end-to-end. As well as brewers, we believe our Intelligent DealFlow™ can foster opportunities in more markets within the beer industry:

-Suppliers. Ingredients, equipment, logistics services & more will be traded via the platform.

-End-buyers. Retail tenders, whitelabel contracts & more will be secured via the platform.

We now deploy a subscription model for suppliers and brewers but remain free for buyers, in order to maximise the opportunities to do business.

The number of UK breweries reached 2,274 in 2018, up 68% from 1,352 in 2013. The market is becoming increasingly chalenging. We believe BrewBroker is a historic innovation for the entire industry. Investment will enable us to scale marketing and onboard more clients.

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