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Borrow A Boat
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Striving to be the Airbnb for boats, Borrow A Boat is an online boat charter marketplace for boat rental worldwide. Featuring peer-to-peer listings, Borrow A Boat is on a mission to open up boating to the masses and is returning to Crowdcube after a 234% overfunded raise in 2017.

  • Boat charter marketplace with peer-to-peer and commercial boats
  • Mobile app allows users to find and book boats near to them worldwide
  • Featuring all kinds of boat and watercraft from a SUP to a superyacht
  • Ahead of the 2018 target for bookings


Marinas all over the world are full of boats that hardly get used. Boat owners often struggle to find the time to use them. Boat ownership is a big commitment in terms of time and cost, and it’s not attractive to people who want instant access to boating.

Yet the charter market is limited…

- There are limited locations to charter from

- There’s a limited choice of boats

- There’s often a 7-day minimum booking and lack of flexibility

- There are few centralised sites where you can go to compare and book boats in person

Last year 18m people in the UK wanted to go boating, but only 4m did (ref: British Marine, Futures Project), which demonstrates how the boat industry is currently under-serving the market - especially in a smartphone age when people expect to be able to quickly organise activities via web or app on a fully flexible, customisable and affordable basis.

Borrow A Boat, the boat charter marketplace lists 16,000+ boats for charter, and let's private boat owners list their boat for charter. The Borrow A Boat Mobile App allows users to search for and book boats near to them in any of 60 countries worldwide, with same day boarding.

Two years old and growing, with an experienced entrepreneur at the helm, the company raised on Crowdcube a year ago and was 234% funded. A year, and ten times the bookings later, ahead of forecast, we're doing it again and invite you to jump on board.

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Borrow A Boat

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