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Borrow A Boat
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Borrow A Boat is Britain's leading boat charter marketplace, leading the change as the global boat charter industry adapts for the 21st century. Returning to Crowdcube with 300% revenue growth in 2018-2019, VC backing, and industry endorsement, the company is poised for future growth.

  • Backed by VC Edition Capital, following on with £1m lead investment
  • 22,000 boats listed in over 65 countries
  • Headline sponsor of the UK's biggest boat show in Southampton in 2019
  • Diversified into the luxury superyacht market via Borrow A Boat Plus
Information £1,000,000 of the funds displayed on the pitch bar has been received by the Company and shares issued at the end of January; this money may be spent whilst the campaign is live. Any funds above this figure will close after the pitch and all shares will be issued at the same share price


How people go boating is changing - and Borrow A Boat is providing a 21st century solution.

BaB's web and app solutions allow you to book boats of all types online for charter - whether a short notice request for day hire, a long weekend on board, or a 7-14 day boating trip for your summer holiday.

With 22,000+ boats listed in 65+ countries, BaB brings choice, flexibility and accessibility to boaters in what has up to now been a fragmented market. Skippers are also available on any boat - meaning the boats are available for anyone to book regardless of experience.

Borrow a Boat achieved 300% annual growth in revenue to £146k in 2019 (P&L -£1.3m), with the total value of charters sold grown to £835k in the same period. They are now prominent in the boating industry - 3 of the largest global boat charter fleets have now all listed on BaB including sailing yachts, catamarans, speed boats RIBs, canal boats & more.

In summer 2019 Borrow A Boat Plus was launched for luxury crewed charter clients, and Borrow A Boat Experiences for itinerised boating trips, both adding new revenue streams to the business.

The global yacht charter market is projected to reach $25bn by 2027, yet research shows more people would get out on the water if it was more accessible. BaB makes it easier than ever for people to go boating and not only help bring the market together, but help grow it at the same time.

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Borrow A Boat

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