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Bnext is the neobank leader in Spain. In less than 18 months, Bnext reached 300,000 active customers who spend +60M€/month. Having just raised a €22.5M Series A from DN Capital, Speedinvest, Cometa and RedAlpine, among others; the company aims to expand internationally.

  • 300.000 active customers
  • €430M and 11.6M transactions in the last 12 months
  • €22.5M Series A from DN Capital, Speedinvest, Redalpine
  • 60% of our clients come from Word of Mouth
Information The maximum individual investment in this raise is £50,000 and investments are in increments of £12.


Bnext is a Neobank that has just raised a €22.5M Series A from DN Capital, Speedinvest, Redalpine, among others.

Launched officially in January 2018, we now have 300,000 active customers who spend more than €60M with their Bnext card every month and have sold 12,000 financial products in the last 6 months, making us the 8th most used finance app in Spain.

Bnext allows you to open an account in less than 3 minutes and receive a debit card in less than 48 hours. With this card, you are able to withdraw money for free anywhere in the world, spend in other currencies without fees (fair use limits apply), and earn points that you can cash out in services like Netflix, Spotify, Cabify or Uber Eats, among others.

With this crowdfunding raise, Bnext's team of 60+ amazing individuals is now preparing their international expansion and increasing their LTV from their users with premium products.

In Bnext, we strive to make history.

- May 2017: Fastest Crowdcube raise in Spain to that date - €300,000 in 20 hours

- Jan 2018: Public launch with a team of 8

- Dec 2018: 100,000 active customers and a team of 15

- Sep 2019: 300,000 active customers spending €60M/month with their Bnext card

- Biggest fintech Series A in Spain - €22.5M raised

- 12,000 financial products sold (mortgages, insurance, savings accounts, travel insurances and more).

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