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BlockTac uses blockchain digital certificates and single-use seals to verify the authenticity of products, and the quality of the service received. In just 9 months, the company has produced over 1 million certificates and seals for professionals, and food and consumer products in four countries.

  • A leading European Blockchain company with over 1 million certificates
  • Trade in Fake Goods amounts yearly to $509 billion
  • Expanded to Europe and America within 9 months from launch
  • Target industries include food & beverage, pharma and consumer goods


The Problem

Food and consumer product fraud represents 3.3% of world trade, a financial impact of $500 billion. An average of 10% of the medicine sold worldwide is falsified, causing the death of over a million people.

Our solution

We use digital certificates and one-use seals to verify the authenticity and traceability of products. Consumers, using a mobile phone, can scan the QR code to check it against the product's unique, uncopiable identifier and authenticate it using blockchain. Currently we are implementing our blockchain solutions for academic qualifications and food products, and we are preparing to offer our service for medicine, wine & spirits, perfume & cosmetics, fashion items, and luxury accessories. We provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, charging a small and competitive fee for each register.

Our solution can be used by any company that wishes to ensure the authenticity and traceability of its products.

Our story so far

In just nine months since our launch, we have produced over a million accredited certificates and seals for over fifty professional bodies and food and consumer companies across four countries: Spain, UK, Poland, and Bolivia.

Next steps

Over the next twelve months, we aim to multiply our production ten-fold, entering into new sectors such as cosmetics, fashion, and pharmacy, as well as expanding to new countries in Europe and Latin America.

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