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BABB Group
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BABB is building a decentralised banking platform and aims to provide peer-to-peer banking services designed for the global microeconomy. With $18 million backing for software development, it is now raising funds to meet the capital requirement to become a licensed bank in the UK and/or EU.

  • $18m already raised via token sale to build the platform.
  • Global community of 50,000 people spanning 173 nationalities.
  • Blockchain banking app & payment card aiming to launch Q4 2018.
  • Two billion people unbanked in the world, a $380bn market opportunity.


Once BABB is a licensed bank, it aims to provide access to a bank account for anyone, anywhere in the world with global economic connectivity built-in.

Mobile app

Users will be able to open an account in seconds via the app, connecting instantly with other users to make payments, lend and borrow money, and exchange currencies.


The BlackCard will be a decentralised payment card independent of Visa and MasterCard. It links to the BABB app via QR code or NFC tag.

Key technologies


Using a blockchain we plan to run a decentralised financial system with low overheads, executing instant, cheap transactions directly between users.


We can use face and voice recognition to create core digital identities for all participants. For users without ID, this is enough to open a wallet.

The market

"Banking the unbanked" represents a $380 billion opportunity.

Incumbent banks struggle to cater the unbanked. BABB can viably provide people with access to banking services and the opportunities they unlock.

The story so far

- Became FCA Authorised Payment Institution

- Became member of Level39 incubator

- Begun the process to apply for bank license in 3 jurisdictions including the UK

- Raised 19,023 ETH in a sold-out token sale to fund software development, worth around $18m at the time

- Built engaged social media following

Disclosure: the company has a director's loan

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