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Azoomee is a safe app for primary-aged children where they can watch, play, listen and get creative in one secure place. The app is pre-loaded onto O2’s Family Tablet and the company is a strategic partner of the NSPCC. Revenues are forecast at £614,000 during the year ending March 2017.

  • Launched in 473 O2 stores and live on Apple App Store and Google Play
  • The founders exited their previous company for a seven figure sum
  • Has raised £2.3 million from individuals and a financial institution
  • Awarded EU Horizon2020 grant for potential social impact on children
Information Azoomee are hosting an investor event on Tuesday the 4th of October on Goswell Road near Barbican. For more information please see their forum update. Due to ongoing conversations with investors, Azoomee's pitch has been extended by 7 days and will close on the 12th of October.


THE PROBLEM: Although the Internet was designed for adults, over 87% of children aged 5-8 years old, and increasingly children as young as 3, use it regularly. Parents often have no idea what their children are doing online.

THE SOLUTION: Estelle and Douglas Lloyd, parents of three girls aged 3-10, founded Azoomee to make children's use of the Internet much safer. Azoomee is a safe app that lets children watch 100s of videos, play lots of games, listen to audiobooks, get creative and send parent-approved messages in one secure place. The app works on any iOS or Android device and costs £4.99 per month, per family.


- Launched Azoomee App (Mar 2016), which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play;

- NSPCC partnership (since Feb 2015): the NSPCC provides marketing support and online safety advice, Azoomee donates £60k a year;

- O2 kids' tablet, launched nationally (473 stores) this July, which includes a two-year subscription to Azoomee;

- Awarded a EU Horizon2020 grant (€50k) for its potential social impact on children in Europe; and

- £2.3 million raised from individuals and one financial institution since December 2014.

PRESS COVERAGE: London Live (Feb 2016), Evening Standard (Mar 2016), BBC Radio London (Mar 2016), The Week Junior (Apr 2016) Little London (June 2016), Business Quarter (Aug 2016), The Telegraph (Aug 2016) and Tech City News (Aug 2016)

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