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Active Needle Technology
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Active Needle’s award-winning, patent-pending technology has high-value applications in multiple medical and consumer areas. Its ultrasonic technology greatly enhances visibility for medical needles in applications such as biopsy, in regional and joint anaesthesia and others.

  • High value medical and consumer applications
  • Proprietory ultrasonic technology (patents filled)
  • The tattoo market in the USA alone was worth $1.5Bn in 2018
  • Highly experienced team


Image guided needles are widely used in medicine. However, the problem with needles is that they can be difficult to see and can bend away from their target. Active Needle solves this problem by greatly enhancing needle visibility and reducing off-target bending. Reducing bending and increasing visibility has the potential to reduce complications, save healthcare systems millions and increase treatment efficacy.

Ultrasonic needles has also been shown to reduce skin penetration forces. This effect can reduce skin trauma and pain. With ¼ of the UK and US population having at least 1 tattoo, a low pain tattooing system has obvious commercial advantages. The company has received an Innovate UK grant to develop and test the tattoo device.

Both medical and consumer devices are designed in a razor-razorblade configuration, and in our opinion, most of the value is in the needles. In medical applications, the superior product aims to displace current devices and uses pre-existing payment schemes. Tattoo devices will command a premium..

Needle biopsy and anaesthesia markets are worth $2bn with a CAGR of 7%. For tattoo, the US market is worth $1.6bn, with strong growth globally: 1/3 of 24-39 year olds in the UK and US have tattoos. Active Needle will used funds raised to complete CE marking for its initial biopsy device, for development of anaesthesia and tattooing products.

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Active Needle Technology

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