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20/20 GeneSystems Inc.
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20/20 GeneSystems (“20/20”) is a digital diagnostics company with the core mission of reducing cancer mortality in the U.S. and around the world through early detection. We sell what we believe is the first multi-cancer blood test powered by real-world data and machine learning algorithms.

  • Now marketing an AI powered mult-cancer blood test in U.S. & E. Asia.
  • Backed by Ping An Ventures, China's leading digital health companies.
  • 7 issued patents with numerous patent applications pending worldwide
  • Over $5 million raised through equity crowdfunding in the U.S.
Information The company is incorporated and based in the USA. The progress bar above includes £3,756,180 raised via a concurrent offering being conducted in the USA by the platform SeedInvest. Investors agree to the Subscription Agreement and its accompanying exhibits in the documents section below. The Subscription Agreement contains certain representations and warranties to 20/20 GeneSystems Inc. See the Investment FAQ's and Legal Explanation Document for more details including exchange rate explanation. Investors should seek their own tax advice regarding investment in US securities.


Early detection substantially improves outcomes for many cancer types.

In late 2018, 20/20 introduced in both the U.S. and East Asia a blood test for the early detection of multiple cancers called OneTest™. We believe this product is the world’s first cancer screening blood test powered by machine learning algorithms built from data from tens of thousands of individuals screened yearly in a real-world clinical setting. Tests built with data from individuals tested before developing symptoms of cancer tend to be more reliable for screening than blood samples from patients acquired post diagnosis.

Blood testing to screen for many different cancers is very common throughout East Asia. Every day millions of individuals in Japan, Korea, and China visit “Health Check Centers” where they are tested with many of the same biomarkers that are part of OneTest. The foundation of our product is based on this East Asian testing paradigm, but our proprietary algorithms substantially improve the accuracy of standard biomarker testing by reducing the number of missed cancers by more than half.

In addition to East Asia, specialty health check-up clinics throughout Europe (including the U.K.) and the Middle East also offer routine tumor marker screening that we believe would benefit from the OneTest Cloud Analytics software (algorithms that help increase the accuracy of these tests).

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20/20 GeneSystems Inc.

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