Business Case Studies


E-car Club
  • £100,000 raised
  • 63 investors
  • 57 days

We absolutely loved raising investment on Crowdcube in 2013, it really kickstarted our growth and we’re exceptionally grateful for the support of the crowd from investment through to exit

Andrew Wordsworth Co-Founder

Deal Highlights

  • World’s first successful crowdfunding exit after raising investment on Crowdcube in 2013
  • Following its raise on the site, the company received follow-on investment which included original Crowdcube investors
  • In 2015, E-Car Club was bought by Europcar, Europe’s leading car rental and mobility company
  • The raise attracted 63 investors which have received a multiple return on their investment
  • The amount raised on the site was £100,000
  • The largest investment was £15,000
  • £3,514,110 raised
  • 2702 investors
  • 5 days

Equity crowdfunding is the perfect way for JustPark to continue in the collaborative spirit that underpins the entire business

Anthony Eskinazi Founder

Deal Highlights

  • This was the largest ever equity crowdfunding raise for a tech company, this was the largest number of investors ever to invest in a Crowdcube pitch
  • JustPark is one of Europe's most renowned Sharing Economy businesses. It is a car-parking app that gives drivers access to over 150,000 private parking spaces across the UK
  • Alex Stephany, a commercial lawyer and published author with a critically acclaimed book on the Sharing Economy, entitled "The Business of Sharing: Making it in the New Sharing Economy", published in April 2015
  • JustPark received funding from both Index Ventures and BMW i Ventures in 2014
  • The company is now Europe's leading provider of pre-bookable parking, with over 700,000 members. It is a disruptive company that has shaken up the car parking industry and is making inroads into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and even the North Pole
  • Just Park had over 1,000 job applications during their raise
  • £3,589,220 raised
  • 2684 investors
  • 30 days

I'm incredibly proud of the team at Sugru for all pitching in to help make this campaign a success and, of course, forever humbled by the enormous amount of interest by our existing and new customers alike

Jane ni Dhulchaointigh Founder

Deal Highlights

  • Sugru is unlike any other adhesives, offering so many uses such as Fix, Bond, Cushion, Replace, Create and Seal
  • The company raised 258% over the initial target of £1million
  • Crowdcube's first ever £1million investor invested in Sugru, this was the largest single investment made to date
  • The initial target was raised in just three days
  • The pitch has the highest number of internationally based investors - numbering 64 countries, highlighting their global popularity
  • CEO and inventor Jane ni Dhulchaointigh has raised highest amount funds of any female entrepreneur seeking to raise funding on Crowdcube
Camden Town Brewery
  • £2,750,860 raised
  • 2173 investors
  • 30 days

Crowdfunding means that fans of our lagers can be part of our future success and new investors who want to take part in the craft beer phenomenon can also become customers and ambassadors for our brand

Jaspar Cuppaidge Founder

Deal Highlights

  • Camden Town Brewery is the fourth largest brewery in London
  • The brewery have won awards at the International Brewing Awards, The World Beer Cup, and the European Beer Stars
  • The brewery raised 83% over the initial target
  • 83 people invested £10,000 or more
  • The total UK beer market in the UK is worth £19 billion
  • Sir John Hegarty, co-founder and Worldwide Creative Director of advertising agency Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty (BBH) is Chairman of the company
  • £2,057,042 raised
  • 489 investors
  • 35 days

We are proud of the world-class team and platform we have built at Adzuna, but we still have a long way to go in job search innovation, mobile apps and internationalisation

Doug Monro co-founder of Adzuna

Deal Highlights

  • Prior to Adzuna, Doug Monro was COO of Zoopla and had also been MD of Gumtree
  • Adzuna received investment from Passion Capital as part of the round
  • Two investors invested £100,000 into the company
  • The company has been listed as one of London's top 10 hottest start-ups and has expanded into 11 countries
  • Adzuna lists over a million jobs and receives over six million monthly visits
  • Capital raised from the campaign will be used to grow internationally and invest in Adzuna's technology; building on a market-leading search and machine-learning platform that brings together over one million UK job ads in one place, and adds smart search options and powerful data about the job market
  • £1,358,680 raised
  • 376 investors
  • 7 days

Crowdcube was the ideal partner for easyProperty, giving investors a unique opportunity to be part of a market revolution

Robert Ellice CEO

Deal Highlights

  • The company raised over £1.35 million
  • The largest single investment was £200,000
  • The raise attracted investment from more than 375 people
  • The company was co-founded by Sir Stelios Haji-loannou, founder of easyJet
  • easyProperty launched in September 2014
  • The company was described by the FT as "easily the biggest brand name yet to enter the online estate agent business."
  • £1,562,960 raised
  • 257 investors
  • 12 days

Raising over £1.5m on Crowdcube was a transformative experience. Having an army of supporters behind us meant we could go for growth with confidence

Steve Folwell MD

Deal Highlights

  • LOVESPACE is the latest venture from Brett Akker, co-founder of Streetcar, which was sold to US car club competitor ZipCar for £32m in 2010
  • Named one of the UK's top-50 most disruptive companies, LOVESPACE has been featured on the BBC and is the first storage-by-the-box company in the UK
  • £600,000 was sought to drive a marketing plan for acquisition of 5,000 customers, a warehouse for 30,000 boxes and expansion of the fleet of vans and drivers in London
  • Prior to raise they'd experienced 60% month-on-month growth rate in boxes stored since consumer launch in November 2013
  • Their three minute appearance on BBC2's "Business boomers: Real storage wars" was watched by 1m households
  • Forecasts sugegst an average customer will spend £470 per stay and over £650 across an average lifetime, with a cost to acquire of under £50
Games Grabr
  • £453,647 raised
  • 221 investors
  • 62 days

Our vision is to be the biggest social network for gamers and with this funding we can scale up global PR and marketing

Tony Pearce CEO

Deal Highlights

  • Described by BBC Click as "like Pinterest for gamers, a great place to go if you are looking for inspiration"
  • Prior to raise, they had more than 60,000 unique visitors per month and users were "grabbing" an average of around 800 new games a week using the GRAB button
  • Their planned marketing campaign for 2015 aims to achieve a target of 1 million users by year end
  • Tony Pearce, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur, with senior management experience in the entertainment and gaming industry having raised over $15m in VC funding for five start-ups, with two successful exits
  • With their initial target of £250,000 raised by the crowd, they secured an additional £200,000 from a 3rd party Institutional Investor
  • The London Co-Investment Fund invested £100,000 into the company. This fund invests alongside Crowdcube to support growing London businesses in the technology, science and digital sectors
Zero Carbon Food
  • £580,810 raised
  • 482 investors
  • 41 days

The Crowdcube investment funded Zero Carbon Foods' first expansion of the underground farm

Richard Ballard Co-Founder

Deal Highlights

  • Zero Carbon Food utilises redundant underground spaces in London to produce fresh ingredients with a minimal carbon footprint
  • Potential benefits for Londoners include reduction of food waste, carbon footprint and food miles, year round crop production and inner city employment opportunities
  • Non Executive Director Michel Roux Jr hails from one of most famous culinary families in the history of gastronomy
  • They looked to the crowd to raise £300,000 for start-up costs and operating capital
  • The carbon level produced will be monitored to ensure neutrality is achieved. Where possible, energy will be sourced from a green supplier and self-sufficient methods such as bio-mass conversion, micro-hydro solutions, solar PV, heat exchanging from the London Underground and other potential sources
  • They hit their initial target of £300,000 and went on to raise over £500,000 in total
  • £216,460 raised
  • 132 investors
  • 61 days

The exposure has been great. It's meant a community being built around our company and product

Jordan Fantaay Founder

Deal Highlights

  • Fantoo is the world's first Intelligence driven, self learning email and messaging platform
  • Founder Jordan Fantaay (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur. His last exit was in the U.S. was the fitness industry’s leading entertainment product. Customers included Intel, Google, and Nasdaq listed fitness operators Town Sports International Inc
  • A graduate of the Ignite 100 accelerator programme, one of the UK's leading startup accelerators
  • Selected as a RED HERRING TOP100 EUROPE Company
  • Supported by an impressive line-up of mentors and experts including Getty Images, Altmail and Microsoft Outlook's head of product
  • Dell's first Global Startup in residence
The Pressery
  • £144,350 raised
  • 60 investors
  • 1.5 hours

The Sprint Programme appealed to us because we felt very ready for the next phase of our business and it pushed us to get there quickly

Natali Stacic Co-Founder

Deal Highlights

  • First ever Sprint Programme pitch
  • Reached funding target in 1h 40 mins
  • Overfunded to £150,000 in just five hours
  • Fastest funding pitch on Crowdcube (apart from Crowdcube's own fundraise)
  • The Pressery has been featured in The Times, The Guardian, Monocle, Vogue online, The Metro, The Evening Standard
  • The global market for dairy alternatives is estimated to reach $14 billion by 2018
Cell Therapy
  • £689,246 raised
  • 297 investors
  • 5 days

Heartcel has the potential to revolutionise medicine for everyone, so crowdfunding was the perfect way to offer everyone the chance to invest in Cell Therapy

Ajan Reginald CEO

Deal Highlights

  • The company raised £690,000 to funds its breakthrough stem cell medicine, Heartcel™
  • The company reached its investment target in just 10 days
  • The raise set a UK record for biotech crowdfunding
  • One of the company's founders is Prof. Sir Martin Evans, who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 2007 for his pioneering work in discovering stem cells
  • Heartcel is scheduled to launch in 2016
  • The $50bn global heart failure market affects 20mn worldwide
  • £110,730 raised
  • 125 investors
  • 52 days

Our equity campaign provided us with the money we needed to make our idea happen

Matthew Denham & Wilf Horsfall Co-Founders

Deal Highlights

  • UBREW provide one-day brewing events for non-members, such as corporate team away days and stag do brew-ups
  • They raised £110,730 from 125 investors against an original investment target of £75,000
  • Their subscription model is similar to a shared office, where members book brewing slots
  • In 2014, UBREW raised over £12,000 in pre-sales through a rewards-based crowdfunding round
  • The funds were used to secure a new, larger location and additional equipment - ranging from 50 litres to 830 litres
  • UBREW took part in our Accelerator Programme
Cauli Rice
  • £434,020 raised
  • 307 investors
  • 1 day

Cauli Rice has now raised investment twice on Crowdcube and that’s allowed us to accelerate the growth of the business far beyond our initial plans

Gem Misa Founder

Deal Highlights

  • Cauli Rice is a low calorie and low GI Rice Replacement. It has 80% fewer calories but with the same taste and satisfaction as ordinary white rice and is already being supported by industry experts
  • It is protected by a trademark, has had a successful patent search completed and is believed to be the first product of its kind
  • Over two investment rounds on Crowdcube, Cauli Rice raised £966,030.00 from 512 people by selling 37.18% equity
  • Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Holland and Barret have shown interest in the brand
  • The funds were used for production, marketing and working capital
  • They received a £170,000 Agri-Tech grant from the UK Government


Eden Project
  • £1,500,000 raised
  • 354 investors
  • 5 hours

This is an amazing result. To reach our £1 million target so soon is spectacular and shows that very many people share our vision to establish a world-class learning centre here at Eden

David Harland Excecutive Director of Eden Project
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Deal Highlights

  • Eden Project raised their initial target of £1million in just five hours
  • They went on to raise raising a total of £1.5million in less than 24 hours
  • The largest single investment was £200,000
  • For the last three years running it has won Best UK Leisure Attraction at the British Travel Awards - the "Travel Oscars" voted for by the public
  • The money raised will be put towards the creation of a "learning village" to add to the growing education centre
  • The Eden Project won "Environmental Business of the Year" in Crowdcube’s 2014 Awards
  • £2,035,000 raised
  • 709 investors
  • 22 days

Crowdcube were able to help us navigate the do's and the don’ts of the whole crowdfunding process

Eric Partaker Co-Founder
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Deal Highlights

  • The Burrito Bond was Crowdcube's first ever mini-bond offering
  • The company raised more than double their initial £1million target
  • Investors making Investments over £10,000 were given black cards. It’s estimated that 21,632 burritos will be given to black cardholders over the bond lifetime
  • Chilango won the "Coolest Brand of the Year" category in Crowdcube’s 2014 Awards
  • Investors in Chilango already included the CEO and CFO of Carluccio's, CEO of Krispy Kreme UK, and former MD of Jamie Oliver International
  • The co-founders, Eric Partaker and Dan Houghton met whilst working at together at Skype
River Cottage
  • £1,000,000 raised
  • 285 investors
  • 36 hours

I'd totally recommend mini-bonds and crowdfunding in general for any business considering how they're going to finance their growth

Rob Love Managing Director
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Deal Highlights

  • River Cottage began in 1998 by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the company has turned into an international brand
  • The River Cottage bond was the second mini-bond to be launched on the site
  • River Cottage raised their full £1million funding target in less than 36 hours
  • The largest single investment was £100,000
  • With four restaurants already open, the funds will help River Cottage grow the business by opening another four restaurants by 2018
  • Since inception, the company has produced 11 television series, over 20 books and their cookery courses have grown into an award-winning cookery school at Park Farm
Taylor Street Baristas
  • £1,805,500 raised
  • 493 investors
  • 73 days

Crowdcube gave us the opportunity to offer our customers and supporters a safe, efficient and robust platform through which they could invest in Taylor St

Richard Shaer CEO

Deal Highlights

  • The company raised 20% over their initial £1.5million target
  • Taylor St Baristas already have nine sites in and around London
  • Founded to provide specialist coffee, Andrew Tolley, the Head of Coffee, is the head judge at the World Barista Championships
  • The funding raised will go towards expanding the training program, training some of the UK’s best baristas
  • The largest investment into the Coffee bond was £150,000
  • 65 investors invested £10,000 or more and so enjoy weekly coffee and cake or a monthly bag of coffee beans for the lifetime of the bond
Pocket Living
  • £1,500,000 raised
  • 334 investors
  • 16 days

We were really thrilled with the response we received, we are able to drive forward the growth of our business, helping more of London’s first time buyers get their foot on the housing ladder

Paul Harbard Co-Founder

Deal Highlights

  • The Pocket Bond raised 50% more than its initial £1million target
  • The Greater London Authority had already provided a £21.7million loan facility over 10 years which has enabled Pocket to buy land
  • Pocket raised 80% of it’s funding in two weeks
  • The Pocket Bond is the first property mini-bond that Crowdcube has funded
  • The Pocket Bond took 39 days to raise £1.5million
  • Pocket has won awards from RIBA, RICS and the Evening Standard and the Housing Design Awards