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We believe our opportunity is more than a simple business prospect; it’s an opportunity to disrupt and democratise the tech-for-good space by levelling the playing field for charities & helping them to maximise their impact on society.

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With its strong connections in Europe and Asia, KogoPAY provides a service that is designed to stand out from competitors. With offices in both London and Bangkok, they have strategic partnerships with fully compliant businesses for faster payment services.

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We’ve supported female founders through hundreds of successful crowdfunding campaigns, collectively raising over £100m.

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About Emma Reeves

Emma is a qualified gemologist, diamond grader and registered jewellery valuer with a great reputation within the jewellery trade. With over 19 years’ experience in the trade, Emma is passionate about antique jewellery, diamonds and gemstones, and is still enjoying every day. Read more

About Hansine Johnston

Hansine is a fashion journalist and broadcaster. For many years she pursued a career working in wholesale and product development for leading luxury distributors with brands including Armani and Valentino. Read more

Hansine hansine johnston
Hansine Johnston, founder of Hansine
Emma Reeves jewellery discovery
Emma Reeves, founder of Jewellery Discovery

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How customers are driving the change with the latest clean-tech businesses.

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