Equity Crowdfunding: 7 points investors should consider

Investing on Crowdfunding sites is growing more and more popular. The market leader, Crowdcube, saw as much investment in the first half of 2014 as in the preceding 12 months. If you’re thinking of investing on crowdfunding sites, here are some pointers to consider. 1. With risk there’s reward: Investing in early stage businesses has… Read More »

Creating a successful pitch Part 1; How to put your pitch together

“First impressions are critical” Peter Hutton, investor A killer pitch is the cornerstone of a successful fundraise. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise finance for your company then you’ll be thinking about creating a pitch for your business. You need to create a pitch that adequately depicts and yet showcases your business – this… Read More »

The Investor Relations Portal – Part 2: Investors

Just as Entrepreneurs now have a suite of powerful new tools in the beta release of the Investor Relations Portal, Crowdcube investors can now manage their investments and interact with businesses they’ve invested in from a single point. – Quickly see the status of live pitches you’ve invested in and are following – See all… Read More »

It’s Looking Green & Pleasant For 2014

Green & Pleasant, founded by brand creatives Fleur Emery and Jamie Anley is a craft lager company with a difference. With one foot planted in the brewing traditions of the Trent Valley and the other in the design world of Soho the founders see the business as an artistic project with the aim of supporting… Read More »